Today, we are a Park managed by Soul Vila Velha, a company of the Soul Parques Group.

Soul Parques is a 100% Brazilian company, whose mission is to transform public and private spaces into unique places, with the aim of promoting unforgettable, fun and captivating experiences.



Soul Parques invests in infrastructure, sustainability, socio-environmental responsibility and management excellence. It prints its brand bringing innovation, creativity and modernity to all the parks it manages, always respecting the soul of each place.

Its high standard of quality in services and care provides memorable experiences to visitors and attendees to its leisure, entertainment, tourism and culture operations.

Soul’s DNA transforms common spaces into places that leave a positive imprint and promotes a unique and unforgettable experience with each visit.


We offer the best attractions of the Campos Gerais region, in Paraná, for tourists and students interested in nature, adventure and learning and who are looking for differentiated leisure and fun options.

Here, you will find modern and sustainable tourism infrastructure with environmental awareness and sensitivity, excellence in the services provided, safety and hospitality.

We promote unique experiences of adventure and contact with nature to stimulate the environmental awareness of our visitors.

Soul Parques
Parque Vila Velha
Parque Capivari


Essence: this is a word that guides us and just hearing it makes our soul smile.

Combining this feeling of happiness with an exuberant nature transforms the common into something unique.

Just being an ecological leisure spot is not enough, as we want you to discover and experience sensations never lived before.

Our Park breathes adventure and excitement!

Once you have lived this experience, it is a no return path to freedom.

Freedom to have one’s breath taken away amid so much natural diversity and exhilarating attractions.

Living this experience is something magical.

Impossible to forget.

Memories marked by a modern and sustainable infrastructure, with hospitality and safety worthy of a paradise.

That’s how it is here, a complete experience.

You connect with yourself and nature and always return refreshed.

And, besides that all, yet you learn, because environmental awareness and sensitivity are part of our DNA.

Places that have a rich history like ours need to value it and teach all they know.

Today, we are ready to provide you with unique moments.