Would you like to enjoy the weekend, the holiday or the vacations and don’t know what to do in Paraná? Discover our attractions and organize your trip now.

We promote an incredible experience of freedom, contact with nature, fun and lots of adventure. We are at only 90 km from Curitiba, an ideal distance for a different tour lasting one to three days. Thus, you take the opportunity to discover other attractions of Campos Gerais.

Learn about our attractions in further detail.


Sandstones are the starting point of our tours.


Our Park has 12 large holes in the ground known as Caves (Furnas in Portuguese), Sinkholes or Vertical Caves.


It is a true natural aquarium, full of life, a habitat for hundreds of fish from different species and a refuge for many birds.


With the help of a powerful telescope and with the guidance of our expert guide on the subject, the Night Walk provides visitors with a unique view of the sky.


Along the way, we visit the Fortress Point, a 7 km-long continuous rock formation, and we cross the Quebra Perna River on foot, with a stop at its wonderful waterfall.


The most exciting and natural itinerary for biking in the region. Altogether, it is a 21 km-long tour through the main natural attractions of the Park.