1 - Vila Velha Park is close to Curitiba?

Yes! We are located in Ponta Grossa, close to the capital, about 90 km away. The trip can be done in 1 hour.

2 - How to get to Vila Velha Park?

By car: Leave Curitiba, taking the BR 376 highway towards Ponta Grossa. As you’re arriving to the Park you can already see the Sandstones from the road. Just follow the signs. The trip is a bit shorter than 90 km and can be completed in 1 hour. The road is in excellent conditions. Reminder: there are two road tolls in this section.

By bus: Bus company Viação Princesa dos Campos covers the Curitiba – Ponta Grossa section with a stop right in front of the Park (which is by the highway, practically in the middle of nowhere). There are several times scheduled departing from Curitiba and the trip takes, on average, 2 hours and 5 minutes. However, on the return to Curitiba, it only stops in front of the Park at 15:15.

Tip: If you are in two or more people, the easiest and cheapest option is going to the Vila Velha State Park by car.

4 - What are the operating hours of Parque Vila Velha?

Visitors are allowed to enter the Park from Wednesday to Monday, from 9:00 to  17:00. On Tuesdays, we are closed for regular maintenance.

5 - Can I get to see all the attractions in just one day?

You can get to know part of our Park in one day, but not all of it. If possible, schedule more than one day to get to know all of our beauties! 😉

In addition to the Sandstones, the Caves and the Golden Pond, there is the Fortaleza Trail that takes about 6 hours walking, and it is through it that you can visit our beautiful waterfall. We also have Night Walks that take place on Full Moon and New Moon nights, upon prior reservation and on specific dates.

6 – Does the Park offer a restaurant?

Yes, we do! Our delicious restaurant will quench your thirst and hunger. Learn more about it on the “Infrastructure” page.

8 - Is the Park pet friendly?

We love pets, but there are wild animals in our Park, like snakes and jaguars. Thus, bringing pets can become dangerous. For this reason, it is not allowed. But, please, give them a big hug and affection from us!

9 - What should I take with me to the Vila Velha Park?

We recommend you to bring repellent, comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as a cap / hat and sunscreen on sunny days! There’s a nice text on our blog with 10 tips on this.

10 – Visitors do the tour by themselves or with a guide?

Tours are self-guided. Yet, if you’d like to live a richer experience, we have a team of tour guides registered in our Park, specialists in local history and our biomes, to accompany you and / or your group around here.

11 – Is there a parking lot?

We have a secure and easy parking space. If you wish to get more information about our facilities and infrastructure, we are here at your disposal.

12 - Up to what age is admission free?

Children under 5 years of age are exempt from admission!

13 - Children of all ages are allowed in the Park? Can they participate in all tours?

Our Park receives children of all ages and the attractions are not restricted, with the exception of some tours, such as the Night Walk (From 8 years of age); Fortress Trail and Cyclotourism (From 14 years of age). 

14 - Are there promotional packages for large groups?

We do not yet offer promotional packages. Nevertheless, we are constantly working to bring novelties and future improvements!