Personal Data Security Policy

We at SOUL VILA VELHA highly value all visitors to Parque Vila Velha and we understand how essential the security of your data is for you to enjoy our space and our activities with peace of mind!

SECURITY MEASURES: Therefore, we have implemented several security measures – which respect the laws in force and good practices – to mitigate risks related to the processing of personal data. Also, if you want to know more about the collection and treatment of your data here at SOUL VILA VELHA, access our Privacy Policy [link].

In addition, we seek to maintain information security in all our systems and internal processes, preventing, detecting and reducing vulnerability to incidents related to personal data, based on the 03 pillars of information security: (i) confidentiality; (ii) integrity; and (iii) availability. In this way, access to personal data is granted only to authorized employees and if necessary, and the data is managed through a life cycle, from its creation to its deactivation.

¡¡¡But attention!!! The security measures we have adopted apply to your personal data only from the moment we receive it and for as long as we keep it in our custody. The functioning and security of the device you use and the partner networks through which the data travels are not our responsibility!

INTERNAL POLICY: We have also established an Internal Policy for Responding to Incidents Involving Personal Data and binding it to all our employees who access, store, process or transmit data, under our responsibility.

INCIDENT: In the remote event of an incident with your personal data that is effectively under our custody, our team will act in an agile and effective way, assessing the main measures to be adopted, through an action plan and with the consequent elaboration of an Incident Report – informing the measures taken and risk assessment – which may be consulted by you, at any time, within a period of 05 (five) years from the date of occurrence of the incident, upon request to the e-mail [encarregado@parquevilavelha.com.br].


An incident may be any adverse event, confirmed or suspected, related to a breach in the security of personal data, such as unauthorized, accidental or unlawful access that results in the destruction, loss, alteration, leakage and that may cause a risk to the rights and freedoms of the data owner.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Finally, you can take some basic measures that will help prevent and mitigate attacks on your personal data:

  • Create strong passwords and avoid using your personal data in their composition, for example: name, cpf, date of birth;
  • Do not use the same password on all your platforms;
  • Change your password whenever you suspect a leak;
  • Do not share your password with others;
  • When possible, use a password manager and two-factor authentication;
  • Avoid accessing our website on third-party and/or public-untrusted devices;
  • Avoid opening emails with unknown content and do not click on suspicious links;
  • We will not call you asking for your personal details over the phone, so never give out your details on a call; and
  • If you verify that your personal data has been fraudulent, seek information from the service providers and report what happened to the police authority.

QUESTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS: If you have questions about this Policy or would like to know more about the processing of personal data at SOUL VILA VELHA, do not hesitate to contact us via email: [encarregado@parquevilavelha.com.br].