Privacy Policy

In order to protect your privacy, in this Privacy​ ​Policy (“Privacy​Policy”), we, from SOUL VILA VELHA​ ​S.A.​, a legal entity governed ​by ​private law, headquartered at Rodovia BR-376, s/n, KM 515, CXPST 454, Centro, Ponta Grossa/PR, CEP: 84.001-970, registered with the CNPJ under No. 36.141.431/0001-15, herein represented under the terms of its Bylaws​ ​(“SOUL VILA VELHA” or “​Us​”), as concessionaire in charge of the management of the Vila Velha Park (“​Parque Vila Velha”), located in the municipality of Ponta Grossa, State of Paraná, bring important information and clarifications about the availability and treatment of your personal data when purchasing tickets, accessing our website and/or any other mobile application, including our totems around Vila Velha Park (“Website​”), and/or visit us.

We will show which of your data will be collected, for what reason and how they will be protected, always observing the provisions of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data – Federal Law n. 13.709/18.

1. What data do we collect and why? In order for us to ensure and customize your experience at Parque Vila Velha, we may collect the following personal data:

→ First and last name;

→ Birth date;




 →CPF/CNPJ; and

 →User name;


→ Payment method;

→ Credit card data.

Purpose: Purchase of tickets, subscription to our newsletter, contact, helping us in your identification and individualization.

→ Hardware data of your device; e.g., model, manufacturer, operating system.

Purpose: For the correct functioning of our website and other mobile applications, on the most diverse devices, as well as to optimize them in terms of functioning and performance.

→ Access data – log in/log out, e.g.: time, location, IP and means of access.

Purpose: For user identification, thus preventing fraud.

→ Cookie’s data – files sent when accessing our website and/or other mobile applications that store browsing patterns and history.

Purpose: To record your preferences and improve your experience on the website as a whole, as well as: to inform ourselves about (a) how features on our website are visited; (b) the behavior of users; and (c) internet and device standard information.

If you would like to learn more about cookies, including how to disable them, please visit: https://www.allaboutcookies.org/.

But don’t worry! All data we collect is treated as confidential and will only be used for the purposes described above and/or authorized by you.

In addition, you have the option of not sharing certain information. However, this decision may prevent you from using part of the services and features we provide you, such as the purchase of tickets.

Essential information for the provision of our services and features are identified with an asterisk on our forms.

2. Who carries out the processing of personal data? Treatment is carried out by several people:

 → The Controller, responsible for making decisions regarding the processing of data, is SOUL VILA VELHA, already qualified above;

 → Our Operator [operador@parquevilavelha.com.br], a specialized member of the information technology sector, having all the necessary experience to process your personal data and adopting the appropriate security measures; and

 → The Person in Charge [encarregado@parquevilavelha.com.br], responsible for acting as a communication channel between us, you and the national authority.

3. Who we share your data with? We don’t lend or sell your personal data to anyone, correct? However, we can share them – when really necessary – with:

→ Partners, Service Providers and Suppliers: companies responsible for the development and management of the information system (e-mail, telecommunications networks and providers), partner companies contractually bound to SOUL VILA VELHA and service providers that, directly or indirectly, provide some of our features and improve user services;

→ Authorities: entities and public administration agencies, including regulatory bodies, for inspections and controls related to compliance with tax and civil obligations and other state and similar authorities, including judicial and arbitration, which are entitled to access Personal Data by force of law;

→ Software: companies responsible for the software and other technologies present at Vila Velha Park with the purpose of improving security, analyzing and solving technical problems and preventing fraud;

→ Advertisers/Advertising Networks/Marketing: companies responsible for marketing and advertising SOUL VILA VELHA with the specific purpose of personalizing services and products consumed by visitors, aiming to improve their experiences with Parque Vila Velha and other parks of the same economic group;

→ Holding SOUL PARQUES S.A. (CNPJ nº 27.677.711/0001-51): companies of the same economic group, with the following purposes: (i) development of new products and services; (ii) offer of products and services that meet the interests of Users; (iii) User profile analysis based on statistical data combined with the use of products and services.

That is, the sharing of personal data to third parties is for their own interest and for legitimate purposes, within the limits of the purposes contained herein.

It is worth remembering that, whenever possible, to comply with legal, regulatory or contractual obligations, personal data will be anonymized before such sharing.

4. How long will your personal data be stored? For as long as necessary for us to fulfill the purposes for which we collected them. 

Therefore, all collected data will be deleted from our servers when:

→ No longer necessary for the performance of our services; or

→ When requested by you, except for any legal obligation to retain data, or need to protect the rights of SOUL VILA VELHA.

5. Will your personal data be transferred outside Brazil? SOUL VILA VELHA is headquartered in Brazil and follows Brazilian data protection legislation. Therefore, we do not directly transfer any personal data to other countries.

6. How does SOUL VILA VELHA’s security work regarding your data? We use modern technical tools to keep your personal data secure, restricted and confidential, such as (i) standard and market methods to encrypt and anonymize the data collected; (ii) software to protect against unauthorized access to our systems; (iii) authorization of access only to people previously allowed to the locations where we store confidential information; (iv) internal policies for responding to incidents involving personal data; (v) entering into contracts with employees who have access to your information, aiming to establish the obligation to maintain absolute secrecy and confidentiality of the accessed data, under penalty of civil and criminal liability, in accordance with Brazilian law.

But we cannot guarantee that these will not be intercepted or accessed through illegal acts, hardware or software failures, among other factors.

So, if you identify something that compromises the security of your data, please let us know, because in the event of any incident with your personal data effectively under our custody, our team will act in an agile and effective way, in accordance with our Personal Data Security Policy, which you can access through the link: [-].

7. What are your rights as a data owner? You have the right to request, at any time, confirmation, correction, modification, portability, deletion or sharing of information and access to your personal data, which will be analyzed and considered by us to take the necessary measures.

In addition, in compliance with the applicable regulations regarding the processing of personal data, we respect and guarantee to you the possibility of submitting further requests based on the following rights:

→ Confirmation of the existence of data processing;

→ Access to personal data;

→ Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data;

→ Anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or wrongly processed data;

 → Portability of your personal data to another service or product provider,

 upon express request;

 → Deletion of personal data processed with consent;

→ Obtention of information about the public or private entities with which ​SOUL VILA VELHA​ has shared your Personal Data;

→ Information about the possibility of not giving your consent, as well as being informed about the consequences, in case of refusal; and

→ Revocation of consent.

8. Third Party Links: We may provide links to other websites on the internet to improve your browsing experience. However, we are not responsible for the contents of other websites and/or the way in which they collect, process and transfer your personal data.

We suggest that you read the respective privacy policies of such websites before providing your personal data.

9. How can I contact SOUL VILA VELHA to talk about my personal data? For more information about the processing of personal data, contact us, through our person in charge: [encarregado@parquevilavelha.com.br]

¡ATTENTION! Acceptance of this Privacy Policy will be made by marking the box corresponding to the option “I ACCEPT THE TERMS OF USE AND THE PRIVACY POLICY OF PARQUE VILA VELHA”.



10. Updates: SOUL VILA VELHA reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, by publishing the updated version on this page, provided that if relevant changes are made that require new authorizations, we will request a new consent from you.