Terms and Conditions of Use

We from SOUL VILA VELHA S.A., a legal entity governed by private law, headquartered at Rodovia BR-376, s/n, KM 515, CXPST 454, Centro, Ponta Grossa/PR, CEP: 84.001-970, registered with the CNPJ 36.141.431/0001-15, herein represented under the terms of its Bylaws (​​“SOUL VILA VELHA” or “​Us​”), are the concessionaire in charge of the management of the Vila Velha Park (“​​Parque Vila Velha​​”), located in the municipality of Ponta Grossa, State of Paraná, and, concerned with our visitors, through these terms and conditions of use (“​Terms of​ Use”), in accordance with Law 12.965/2014 (Internet Law Framework), we present our and your responsibilities when using our website and/or any other mobile application, including our totems scattered throughout Parque Vila Velha (“​Website”).

Attention! We recommend to you (“You” or “User”) that, prior to using our website, you carefully read these Terms of Use, as by using them, you expressly and fully agree with the provisions hereof, those in our Privacy Policy [link] and in our Personal Data Security Policy [link].

1. Website: Through our website, you will have access to all the attractions offered by Parque Vila Velha and information such as address, opening hours, availability of dates for visits, and you can also purchase tickets.

Important notice! We have some partners who help us with ticketing. In those cases, everything is done under the terms, responsibilities and conditions determined by them (“Third Party Services”).

2. To Use Our Website: Your equipment or device must be connected to an internet network.

We will do our best to keep the website up during the day. However, the operation may be impaired in the following cases:

→ By the way you use the internet; and

→ Possible technical unavailability beyond our scope.

In such cases we will not be responsible for unavailability in the purchase of tickets.

In addition, we will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses and damages of any nature arising from viruses, errors, performance failures, defects, interruptions, line failures, transmission delays and/or other problems with your device.

Attention! You must use our website only in the manner and to the extent authorized by these Terms of Use and applicable law, being strictly prohibited:

 Reproduce it, adapt it and/or modify it, in whole or in part;

→ Ignore, bypass or defraud any measures employed by SOUL VILA VELHA to protect access to it;

→ Propagate or transmit destructive codes through it; and

→ Use any device and/or software that interferes or attempts to interfere

in its regular operation.

3. Purchasing Tickets on our Website: Access our website and select the “Buy your ticket” tab. Then:

  1. Choose the type(s) of ticket(s) you desire;
  1. Next, choose the date(s) and time(s) of the visit;
  1. Then, inform your Address and the number of tickets you are purchasing;
  1. Add to the cart and click on checkout;
  1. Then, if you do not have an account, select “create my account”. If you have already registered, select “I am already registered” and fill in the e-mail address and password fields, from which you will be redirected to check your data and make the payment by credit card;

If you do not have an account, in order to create one, we will need the following data:

→ Full name;

→ E-mail;

→ Birth date;

→ Telephone Number*

→ CPF/CNPJ; and

→ Password.

Attention when entering the requested information and since you fill in your data, you are responsible for and guarantee their authenticity and legality.

With the data filled in and your account created, you will be redirected to the payment of tickets by credit card.

Payment approved and done! Come on the chosen date(s) and enjoy Vila Velha Park!

3.1. Use of Tickets: The ticket(s) purchased are valid only for the day(s) and time(s) for which they were issued and, from the time of issuance, they are your responsibility. Therefore, take good care of them, keeping them in a safe place, because if they are lost, stolen or damaged, it will not be possible to request a reprint.

Important notice! The sale of tickets in any form or means, including the execution of promotional actions, is prohibited, unless there is express and prior authorization from SOUL VILA VELHA.

3.2. Ticket Purchase Cancellation: Ticket purchase cancellation will be possible within 07 (seven) calendar days, counted from the date of purchase and, provided that the cancellation be requested at least one business day before the date of use, by sending an email to atendimento@parquevilavelha.com.br

4. Your Responsibilities: By purchasing tickets on our website:

    You are responsible for entering correct, authentic, complete and

updated data;

→ You ensure confidentiality and are responsible for all activities related to your username, password and account;

→ You commit to not using our website to infringe the law, third parties’ rights and the conditions set forth herein;

→ You must not carry out any action that jeopardizes the operation of our systems and/or take ownership of its intellectual property.

If you violate such responsibilities, you must be aware that you will be liable for damages and/or losses, of any nature, that may be caused to us and/or third parties.

5. Limits of Our Liability: We (and any and all of our shareholders, employees and other people and companies related to us) are not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from the regular or irregular use of the website by you and/or by any third party in addition to what is expressly provided for in these Terms of Use and in the cases listed in the legislation.

In the event of using our website in disagreement with the legal, regulatory and contractual provisions in force, or either contrary to the provisions of these Terms of Use, you agree and assume the obligation to indemnify us, as well as keep us free and safe from any lawsuit or claim, of any nature, arising from an act or fact practiced or under your responsibility, recognizing that SOUL VILA VELHA, under no circumstances, may be held liable. Furthermore, we are not responsible for tickets purchased outside of our official channels (Website and Ticket Office).

6. Protection of Personal Data: The security of your personal data is very important to Us.

Thus, we treat all your personal data ethically and transparently. You can find more information about the collection and processing of data here at SOUL VILA VELHA by accessing our Privacy Policy [link] and our Personal Data Security Policy [link].

7. Intellectual Property: Access to our website does not grant you any ownership right to the source code, designs, trademarks, copyrights or rights on information about or related to the website, to SOUL VILA VELHA or the database of Users, which are our exclusive property.

Access neither allows you to make use of our website to produce content derived from it or to collect any data or source code.

Any attempt to violate the intellectual property of our website will be considered a violation of these Terms of Use and may, without any prior notice, lead to the cancellation of your account and prohibition of future use of the website, without affecting the prosecution of any applicable civil and criminal sanctions.

8. User Support: To learn more about our Terms of Use, send an email to [-].

9. Updates: SOUL VILA VELHA reserves ​​the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, by publishing the updated version on this page, provided that if relevant changes are made and require new authorizations, we will request a new consent from you.