We are the first State Park created in Paraná, in 1953, by State Law nº 1,292. A few years later, in 1966, we were declared Historical and Artistic Heritage Site of the State of Paraná. Today, we are a concession from the State Government of Paraná, through the Instituto Água e Terra, to Soul Vila Velha, a company of the Soul Parques Group.

We exist to offer unique experiences of contact with nature and to promote environmental awareness.

Here, you will find a modern and sustainable tourist infrastructure, with the best adventure and nature observation attractions, which offer different fun and learning experiences to visitors of all ages. We are the perfect place for those who love nature, as we offer unique leisure and adventure experiences.



We are the only Park in Brazil where the visitor can walk along the Sandstones trails, ancient rock formations, while venturing into the Caves, large vertical caves with rich vegetation on their walls and bluish lakes at their bases, and sight the Golden Lagoon, with aquatic life protected by its crystalline waters, which reflect the sunlight, offering a magnificent spectacle to its visitors.

This combination of natural wonders embellishes and composes more than 38 km² of pure biodiversity, with a modern and sustainable tourist infrastructure, offering you a memorable experience of contact with nature.

Here you find that single opportunity to connect with the environment in an aware, diverse and captivating way, at Parque Vila Velha, very close to Curitiba, in Paraná.


1 - Vila Velha Park is close to Curitiba?

Yes! We are located in Ponta Grossa, close to the capital, about 90 km away. The trip can be done in 1 hour.

2 - How to get to Vila Velha Park?

By car: Leave Curitiba, taking the BR 376 highway towards Ponta Grossa. As you’re arriving to the Park you can already see the Sandstones from the road. Just follow the signs. The trip is a bit shorter than 90 km and can be completed in 1 hour. The road is in excellent conditions. Reminder: there are two road tolls in this section.

By bus: Bus company Viação Princesa dos Campos covers the Curitiba – Ponta Grossa section with a stop right in front of the Park (which is by the highway, practically in the middle of nowhere). There are several times scheduled departing from Curitiba and the trip takes, on average, 2 hours and 5 minutes. However, on the return to Curitiba, it only stops in front of the Park at 15:15.

Tip: If you are in two or more people, the easiest and cheapest option is going to the Vila Velha State Park by car.

4 - What are the operating hours of Parque Vila Velha?

Visitors are allowed to enter the Park from Wednesday to Monday, from 9:00 to  17:00. On Tuesdays, we are closed for regular maintenance.

5 - Can I get to see all the attractions in just one day?

You can get to know part of our Park in one day, but not all of it. If possible, schedule more than one day to get to know all of our beauties! 😉

In addition to the Sandstones, the Caves and the Golden Pond, there is the Fortaleza Trail that takes about 6 hours walking, and it is through it that you can visit our beautiful waterfall. We also have Night Walks that take place on Full Moon and New Moon nights, upon prior reservation and on specific dates.

6 – Does the Park offer a restaurant?

Yes, we do! Our delicious restaurant will quench your thirst and hunger. Learn more about it on the “Infrastructure” page.