Our Covid-19 prevention protocol includes safety rules and measures for all our employees, some of them also applicable to our visitors.

Read the rules carefully and comply with your responsibilities during the visit for everyone’s safety and fun.

Rules for our employees.

  • Use of masks, gloves and other safety equipment.
  • Protection with physical barrier when serving the public.
  • Daily washing of uniforms.
  • Constant hand sanitization, avoiding rubbing eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Measurement of personal temperature and of all visitors when entering the Park. 
  • Sanitization of shoe soles on sanitizing mats when entering the spaces of the Visitors Center and buses.
  • Keep the 1.5-meter distancing rule.
  • Keeping indoor spaces properly ventilated, with open windows, including buses.
  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of all facilities and common areas.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms every hour, during the Park’s operating hours.
  • Use of the restaurant’s exclusive dock area for receiving goods, separated from the food preparation and handling areas.
  • Offer seasonings and condiments in individual portions, in addition to cutlery sanitized in individual packages, keeping dishes, glasses and other utensils protected.
  • Respect the maximum capacity of each space and lookout, as informed on the signs in each area.
  • Do not share objects for personal use, such as pens and cell phones.
  • Require the same sanitization and safety procedures from all suppliers.
  • Encourage online ticket purchase to reduce the need for physical contact with the visitor.
  • If there is a need for physical contact, wash your hands before and after the service, using all personal safety equipment.
  • Frequent collection of waste to avoid accumulation.
  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, seek immediate medical assistance and inform people with whom you had contact for monitoring.
  • Pay attention to the health conditions of visitors.
  • Daily revision and constantly monitoring of compliance with safety rules, social distancing and the Park sanitization and cleaning protocol. 

Rules for our visitors.

  • Mandatory use of individual protective masks.
  • Measurement of body temperature when entering the Visitors Center.
  • Constant hand sanitization, avoiding rubbing eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Sanitization of shoe soles on sanitizing mats placed in the Park.
  • Keep 1.5-meter distance from other visitors, except family members and groups, in all areas and spaces of the Park.
  • Use gel alcohol when boarding and disembarking buses.
  • Assist family or group people who need support when boarding and disembarking buses.
  • Respect the maximum capacity of the internal areas and viewpoints.
  • Do not take food to the Park.
  • Wash your hands before and after eating and when there is a need for physical contact with another person.
  • Respect the distance markings in the queues.
  • Immediately inform any employee of the Park about any discomfort or onset of a Covid-19 symptom for referral to medical care.
  • Observe and respect the guidelines for Covid-19 prevention.
  • Agree with the Covid-19 prevention rules.

When purchasing a ticket, every visitor thereby assumes to be aware of the visitation rules and to agree with all the prevention measures and guidelines recommended by governmental and health authorities in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Following the safety rules, we reserve the right to warn those who, during their visit, were not complying with the established guidelines, as well as to request them to leave the Park if they persist in not doing so